top 5 programming languages 2022

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Top 5 programming languages 2022

Have you ever been confused about the top 5 programming languages?

Do you always feel unable to choose a programming language that suits your aspirations and needs? , Have you tried to search for the technology of the best 5 programming languages ​​and you are still searching now and did not find anything?

I will give you the perfect solution to know the top 5 programming languages, that will be better for you than searching in vain and clear in the sea of ​​software.


Top 5 programming languages 2022 for Beginners

If we first define programming languages, we will find that the best definition for them is that they are a set of commands written according to rules determined by the programming language, and then these commands pass through several stages until they are implemented in the computer.

Imagine that you are a worker in a factory and you organize the movement of products through a handle , If you have a branch on some production lines, the first thing you will do is to give an order to the production tape through the handle so that the path of the products is moved to another path, so you were a vital part in this production and you are also part of the definition of programming that was mentioned previously.

Only programmers see the beauty of that phrase Do you want to be one of them? Well, stay with me a little before explaining the types and specializations of programming languages.

I will explain this code quickly and briefly.

If you notice a phrase in green above, it is a phrase that programmers use to know the function of this code as a kind of reminder or as a kind of help other programmers when understanding the code, as often when the number of codes and pages in the project increases, it is difficult to know or remember the function of each line tested.


If you notice the presence of the word int in red followed by the word main(), this is a function that returns a variable of type integer in the compiler and the compiler is the main structure of the programming language files and has a separate flag from our topic in this article.


Inside this function, we printed the Hello World sentence, which is the printing command that was used from the std space of the C++ language, and at the end of the line we returned a variable with a value of zero due to the nature and property of the function.

This was the simplest programming statement from the C++ language based on printing a sentence in the console. These are the basics of the C programming language. Each language differs in the access identifiers of the translator, but the result is the same and it is an output.


1.C sharp language

C Sharp is one of the top 5 programming languages 2022 due to its comprehensive use and its entry into all fields.

It has been developed by Microsoft. It is considered one of the CLI languages ​​approved by the International Organization for Standardization, as it is considered a unified language for building and developing computers, and it is considered under the umbrella of .net, which is a library Unified functions of Microsoft.

  • The C Sharp language focuses on programmer productivity. It is a newly created language that was designed to manage large and medium projects. It is suitable for building applications, passing through operating systems, and even small applications for peripheral devices.
  • Well distributed memory management, which enhances the quality of performance for managing temporary applications space inside the devices, and the reason is because it contains a source code that is able to access the hardware well.
  • Manage code trash well and dispose of any no longer used data throughout the implementation.
  • A language that supports object vectoring, inheritance, separation, and abstraction in building code.


The most important uses of C Sharp language in 2022

  • C is used in the development of Windows operating systems and is considered the main developer of Windows versions currently, as it depends on productivity in a way that helps Microsoft developers to build a Windows system faster than its friend C, which is easier and focuses on productivity and completion.
  • It is used in the development of Microsoft’s system for peripheral devices such as Microsoft phone, Xbox and its applications.
  • It fully and superiorly supports building electronic games and is considered a basic language for the famous Unity game engine, which is capable of exporting games with high capabilities, thanks to the integration of the C Sharp language.
  • It is adopted as a server page in building web pages with dot net technology and plays an important role in managing websites and accessing data.
  • Create desktop applications.
  • And a lot of advantages that are still being searched for due to the limited access to Microsoft codes.


2.C++ giant language

C++ is one of the best 5 programming languages ​​for 2021, and every year, this language takes the lead in a distinctive style and character that distinguishes it from other programming languages. If you want to start in this field, I advise you to understand programming algorithms by learning C++ language The madman that surprises everyone every year with its capabilities is still being used and evaluated every year within the ISO standards as the best programming languages ​​that enable its parents to invent a new and a new idea that advances a new software world.


  • Supports procedural and abstract programming directly.
  • It gives the programmer complete freedom of choice in choosing his preferred style and style due to its comprehensiveness and unlimited performance.
  • Ease of navigating between functions C and Functions C Plus Plus being a language derived from the origin of the name C.
  • You can work on it without complex development environments, as it is a language that has a clear and explicit method for controlling hardware.
  • It does not have an added programming burden like that found in some other languages. For example, a statement is printed in only three lines, unlike other languages ​​that require an entire library to use one line.


The most important uses of C and C plus language in general 2022

  • It occupies the forefront in building complex operating systems due to its proximity to machine language and assembly languages.
  • Memory management in more than one dynamic and automatic mode, which gives it a better advantage over its counterparts from other languages, and this feature helps in building games clearly.
  • Uses the software garbage collection system to provide a good amount of memory for priority processes.
  • It supports the construction of games in an excellent manner, as it has the most powerful commercial game engine, the mighty Unreal engine, not to mention the monopolized engines of companies, so it is not devoid of the lines of that language.
  • It supports the complex search algorithms of search engines such as Google and Yandex, as it is able to direct the search algorithms in an unprecedented manner.
  • If you are a professional programmer, congratulations to you in the C language because you will be able to build your own work environment, this feature that few know.


3.PHP language

When you talk about PHP, you are talking about the entire Internet. Yes, this is the truth. Did you know that most if not all websites are almost devoid of a line of PHP script? It is the most prevalent language in the programming of server pages for the Internet.

A language that had nothing to do with the development of server pages, and it was originally Perl, which was developed in 1995, and it was special in developing personal menu interfaces, meaning that it has nothing to do with the web, my dear, but if you want to see the Facebook site in its current size, do not forget that the main credit For the PHP language, and in order not to move away any further, the Commerce site is based on the WordPress platform, and the WordPress platform is completely based on the PHP language.


The most important uses of PHP for the year 2022:

  • It is the most common language used in communicating with databases and fetching data for users on Internet pages.
  • An abstract object-oriented language, meaning it supports the classes and hydrate style of lower-level languages ​​such as C.
  • It is distinguished in the style of functions with the possibility of scrolling, returning values, iterative loops, and others.
  • It works as a binary in common with the HTML and JavaScript features that allow the programmer to control the code in an amazing way.
  • You can integrate any other language within its enclosure as it contains a powerful open source compiler that can be upgraded.
  • It has a complete software editor called PHP Storm that allows you to exploit all the resources and capabilities of the language.


4.Python language

Python is not different from PHP in terms of the comprehensiveness and availability of resources, and this language was developed by the giant C language. Python is one of the high-level programming languages ​​capable of creating small and large projects at the same time. This depends on programmers and their need and also on the nature of The project.



The Python language is no less important than other programming languages. Several work environments have been developed through it, including the Blender graphics work environment. This language is also the mother of languages ​​in the development of electronic games, directly or indirectly.


The most important uses of the Python language for the year 2022:

  • It occupies the forefront in designing the aesthetic interfaces of programs.
  • It can be relied upon in designing and building games because it contains arithmetic functions and functions to do the graphics to the fullest extent, such as those found in the Bay Game library.
  • It has a good share of websites and servers, it is a good language for connecting to databases and fetching them to the user via MYSQL .
  • It is object-oriented and functional, as in other languages.
  • It is open source and has a lot of free lags that keep some of the other technologies out of the way.


5.Javascript language

JavaScript is one of the top 5 programming languages ​​in 2021 and every year this ancient language that dominates the web field in general under other names is the beating heart of every new web technology.

I can not talk about this language 7 articles because of its history in the field of the web, it controls the interaction of the user with the page, the appearance of banners, the appearance of results, movements and effects, and it also controls the change and consistency of colors at a certain event within the page.


The most important uses of the JavaScript language in general 2022:

  • The live heart of the web page, as we mentioned, helps the user interact with web pages after or before the event.
  • It works in harmony with html and CSS, and you can direct these descriptive languages ​​intentionally and attractively with just a line or a few lines of code.
  • The possibility of building web games using JavaScript, when you use it inside your page, my dear, you are making the impossible.
  • Derivation of modern technologies such as ajax and jQuery technology, which are two languages ​​based on JavaScript to facilitate and speed up the work of the page in a timely manner.
  • A very successful binary with PHP. I have previously used and requested multiple pages from the server and controlled the way the data appeared in an unprecedented way.
  • Content-heavy algorithms with great performance It is a functional language, let’s say it’s Java web, but in a completely different way.



6. Java language

When I was at the undergraduate level, I did not pay any attention to that language, although it was a main requirement during the study hours, but then I realized that I was completely wrong. Java language.

You are talking about the millions of operating systems that the Java language has done with the help of a kind father, such as the C language. Do you see what Android systems have done today in the world of technology now?



The most important uses of the Java language in general 2022

  • Object-oriented.
  • Simple and complex mobile applications under the Android Studio environment.
  • Computer applications in general under the work environment of eclipse.
  • Operating systems for Android mobile phones.
  • It has as many functions as other languages ​​have functions, objects, abstractions, and classes.
  • You can build games and graphics using the Java language.



Here I am putting in your hands for top 5 programming languages 2022 . Will you hear me or will you go to visit other pages to get distracted more and more?

Most of these languages ​​have been mentioned briefly and I did not give each language its right because we do not have time to say much, but if you have determined which field you will enter, you will use at least one of these ancient languages.

  • Java is the best for Android, some use Kotlin, Kotlin is a new version of Java used by some programmers for speed and lack of code.
  • C plus plus is an advanced language that will take not a little time from you. It is only good in projects with joint experience and computer engineers. I advise you to work in giant companies.
  • JavaScript is an ancient language, but today the creation of websites has become more like Lego templates, and we do not deny that they are still required in some markets and fields.
  • PHP is still used by some to create websites from scratch, and it gives you the necessary skills to understand the mechanism of websites, so there is nothing wrong with a good job in it or in a freelance job.
  • C Sharp is less used due to Microsoft’s loss in the Windows Phone project, but it is heavily used in the Unity game engine.
  • This is the market and these are the languages ​​that exist in programmers’ businesses, so which language would you choose?.


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