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Profit from YouTube fact or fiction? , This is what we will talk about in today’s article about the secrets of making profit from YouTube, who are the content makers, and why some channels in a few months, their views almost exceed the profits of companies established years ago, what is the magic solution to the success of these channels and export them in search results? And what are the practical ways for the success of YouTube channels, whose profits have become more than the profits of satellite channels, all of this I will list in that article.



YouTube is a site now owned by the American company Google. It was founded on February 14, 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, who are former employees of the PayPal financial credit company. It was programmed in Python, a site that allows the user to record and upload video and audio videos for free. According to certain conditions that allow him to generate income through his account owned by Google Adsense.
This ancient site was a successful tool for marketers who relied on it to market their products and achieve their profits through it, as it is a site that has easy-to-handle tools that provide statistics in an integrated manner by sorting dates, days, views and the percentage of profits from each independent video accordingly.


Youtube overview

Previously, it was very easy to be accepted in AdSense earnings, without any conditions, and without any exclusive content or even copyrights. The owners of ideas used their creativity to deceive YouTube by publishing copyrighted content such as movies, series, etc., and they received astronomical profits from publishing those contents, but that When Google acquired YouTube and bought it on October 9, 2006, it worked to activate more sophisticated intelligence algorithms than before.

Thus, it limited and limited the dissemination of content and closed all channels that depend on publishing without taking into account the copyright reasons for the owners of those contents, but this did not prevent content publishers from finding other ways to deceive and this time they deceived Google also by publishing the contents with a simple modification to the audio and video within the content.

This prompted Google to follow a strict policy in developing exclusive content algorithms and presenting them to protect channels again to return again and show distinct channels with exclusive content.


And the matter did not stop there, as it also developed a content reporting algorithm, adding new elements such as inflammatory content, misleading content, insulting religions, abuse of political parties, child abuse, pornographic scenes and other such notifications that block and stop the content.


To do this, filtering and filtering all inappropriate scenes within the site, after which many users were forced to comply with these directions in order to avoid closing their channels.



Youtube earning terms

Before you start creating visual content, you must understand the terms of YouTube before joining the Google AdSense membership and authorizing you to earn from ads.

Previously, there were no conditions when making a profit from YouTube. I remember previously that the owners of the channels used to earn directly when uploading videos, but due to the large number of channels and their availability, YouTube raised the ceiling for accepting AdSense subscriptions to now achieve 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers.


These numbers are a bit difficult for some people, but it can be achieved in record time if you follow a certain and consistent method in producing content.


Premium content management

Content is the most important thing that can be taken care of before thinking about monetizing and profiting from YouTube. When you are properly interested in the content, this helps you to attract the audience quickly and start achieving posts and the required number of hours.


YouTube also has complex and fair algorithms within the search engine, and this helps to display your content only to an interested audience or to an audience with a relationship and interest in the nature of your content.

Ideas that may help you manage your content well to monetize YouTube

  • Using a clear, high-quality camera is a YouTube SEO.
  • That the content be exclusive without stealing in order to avoid closing your account.
  • Using montage methods and crazy ideas, you may be able to do this, yes, by presenting your content on a video editor and montage, and he will prepare your video clip appropriately for a reasonable price.
  • Uploading clips and scheduling the time. Uploading clips continuously helps YouTube to prepare and study well for your channel and direct it at times and days worthy of the content.
  • Use royalty-free music clips, such as suspense clips, symphonies, and others, and you will find this wonderful library called AudioLibrary inside your channel.
  • Continuity and perseverance It has been scientifically proven the success of any content by continuing, whatever its nature and target audience.
  • Create paid promotions for your channel and this allows Google to understand and direct your content to the audience required by BidStrategy.


Reveal the profits of channel owners

We will put in your hands an ancient tool, which is SocialBlade, to reveal the stats of profit from YouTube for some channels. right Now.



Profit from YouTube is a special world and an ancient field, you can start creating your own content and you will only need some experience to manage the content well, and you must fulfill the YouTube conditions for profit, which are 4000 broadcast hours and 1000 subscribers to be authorized to enter the world of YouTube profits.


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