Electronic games : Best entertainment for 2021

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Electronic games are considered the best means of entertainment in the modern era, due to their wide spread and support by specialized companies that support them and develop their releases.

Where the focus is on the so-called video games, which have often spread widely during the last 10 years, so you find many electronic game companies that have gained deep fame among their fans, and there is a competitive market among game companies, and there is a global assessment of the success and superiority of a game over its counterpart.


1.Electronic Games

They are games that use electronic devices to operate and are intangible, enabling the player to interact with them through the input and output units IO in the devices, and their goal is entertainment and fill the time.



2.Kinds of electronic games

Despite the recent popularity of electronic games, it has become containing basic categories and types that are considered a language for developers before development, where they determine the type of game that will enter into force before starting it.

Some types of electronic games are:

  • Action games: which by their nature require the player to react and react quickly while playing, and can be classified into:
  1. Beat’em Up
  2. Fighting.
  3. First-person shooter (character appearance).
  4. Shooting from the third person perspective (character masking).


Action games contain superior sound effects that help integrate the player into the game’s story and interact with its own world, which invites the player to spend more time in front of the screen to skip all the remaining stages in the game.


  • Action adventures: It combines action and adventure , and the horror factor is not essential. It is classified into:
  1. Infiltration and stealth.
  2. Horror to survive.


One of the most important characteristics of action adventure games is the presence of some events within the game and the presence of a very beautiful natural world, which invites you to discover its secrets.


  • Adventure games: They do not contain horror clips, but only suspense and entertainment.
  1. Text adventures.
  2. Adventures and graphic terrain.
  3. Visual video novels.


Adventure games allow you to search in its own world and discover caves, with interesting sound effects that are very beautiful and simple.


  • Simulation games: through which the player forms his own environment while playing, such as building, developing and modifying the structure of the game.


  • Strategy games: They are three-dimensional from a high angle perspective, such as:
  1. artillery.
  2. Strategy over time.
  3. Strategy with role-playing.


The most beautiful thing that can be done in strategic war games is to equip and mobilize the army and then agree to meet at a certain point and start the war.


  • Transportation games: They are games that use moving bodies and components, such as:
  1. The plane and its driving.
  2. car and drive it.
  3. Trains and wagons.
  4. Racing and competition.


In the past, transportation games focused on the means of transportation in front of the screen without the player appearing, but with the expansion of developers’ ideas, it became easy to start in open world games, which sometimes provide all means of transportation for the player while roaming in the places of play.


  • Various sports games: They are games that simulate the laws of real sports and their laws, such as:
  1. Formula racing.
  2. Tennis games.
  3. Football Games.
  4. Swimming and archery.


Various math games have a wide audience in joint play and maintain the basic laws of the game such as football, which prevents the ball from leaving the general framework of the stadium, infiltration and deliberately dropping the player and the famous and known mistakes, and thus helped to attract everyone to play and enjoy it.


  • Puzzle games: which are based on thinking, activate memory and the mind, and search for solutions, such as:
  1. Chess.
  2. Arrangement of torn papers.
  3. Some traditional games known as card games and their arrangement.


Electronic games are constantly evolving, thanks to the development of the machine, computers and functional pieces inside the devices. It was difficult to produce games in the past due to the limited devices and their lack of spread among users, but with their development and spread among users, it became easy to start electronic games and move between them. and enjoy its advantages.


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