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Das nas san

Server is the main equipment for the services of other devices called the client on the network, whether it is a physical server or virtual software that provides an alternative to physical and tangible servers. It is called Backup technology.


Although there are many data recovery tools such as Veeam Replication, acronis, and many other programs that play the same role, the need has become urgent and necessary to provide strong, tight and accessible storage hardware by the client and achieve a successful recovery system that protects the server from sudden data loss.


About the server and storage media

Business innovations are on an unprecedented increase and have witnessed a remarkable development in the period between 2010-2021, thanks to the competition of giant companies in providing storage media and software capable of driving them and quickly providing them to customers for a few dollars for some services, we will not talk about Cloud storage media is very large, but we will mention the storage media that is used by organizations that still refuse to subscribe to cloud services.


Thanks to the development of storage systems in the server for the following reasons

  • The need to have virtual virtual operating systems inside software such as: VMWare from Microsoft, virtual box from Oracle and others.
  • The need for the feature of replication storage and backup copies in more than one hard disk on the Synology disk carrier or others.
  • The development of cyber security in the protection of networks to stand up to many attacks and illegal entry on the server.


2.NAS Storage Technology

NAS Storage is a simple network backup calculator consisting of a server, a set of clients, network printers, a web server, and a database server.

One of the most important strengths of NAS technology is in server support

  • Easy to setup and configure Wizard Configuration.
  • You can see Mounted Network NAS volumes.
  • The data is on one or more drives.
  • Lots of storage options when you have a huge and spacious storage space.
  • It is an integral part of the network that takes an IP address just like the rest of the server and client devices.
  • The internet card is using an Ethernet Card.

One of the most important features of NAS is that it allows more than one user to deal with it in more than one place and location within the domain, as it is a major assistant in the collaborative achievement on the network.


We now come to the most important benefits of NAS storage technology in server support

  • Low cost compared to others.
  • Handling network expansion and data inflation.
  • Easy to control.
  • Remote data availability.
  • Provides multiple options to compare between them.
  • Support the fall of one of the disk editors and dependence on others.
  • Automatic and cloud backups too.


NAS weaknesses

  • Limited performance when expanding the network and poor performance due to the Ethernet card architecture, which is completely dependent on it.
  • The cost again when expanding and increasing the storage media or replacing, may lead to stronger processors.
  • Significantly affected by the volume of data traffic in the cables when traffic or network pressure occurs during visits from the customer.


Now we have known about the famous NAS technology, which is still used today in many server rooms that still contain a storage device from NAS, we now come to the SAN technology.


2.SAN Storage Technology

In this technology, the situation is getting more complicated. The cost of providing fast service to client devices on the whole server network is the main advantage of SAN technology.

SAN contains a group of ultra-fast servers and storage units, due to the modern architecture of SAN, which is represented in its reliance on high-quality FIBRE fiber-optic intermediate cables, where each optical fiber is abstract and isolated from its counterpart in the data transmission lines, which helps to accommodate the largest amount Data access to the server at maximum speed.


Not to mention that SAN has a virtual private network separate from the client and server, to manage and organize data traffic away from relying on the ability of cables only, in addition to providing storage spaces that allow a large number of clients on the network and this is what distinguishes it from its counterpart NAS and this feature helps exchange data on Heavy applications on the network such as video and audio editors, etc.

However, SAN operates as if hard disk drives are connected to each other, in addition, it avoids traffic accidents that lead to server room response traffic to clients.

We now come to the most important benefits of SAN storage technology in server support

  • Fast data access in record transfer time.
  • Reduce stress on the parent network Local Area Connection.
  • Can be increased in size and expansion to maintain performance.
  • The only solution for heavy applications that need simultaneous access to more than one client on the network.

One of the most important challenges facing any SAN network work is to have a good budget for maintenance and upgrade and to constantly monitor the network and its requirements, but this will not stand in the way of any administration that wants to maintain a very fast performance while working and exchanging information on the server network well.


Advantages of a SAN

  • Reliance on them in large institutional environments.
  • It is based on the use of a fiber channel, which accommodates large volumes of data transmission up to 14 g / s and 32 g / s.
  • Add more storage controllers unlike limited NAS technology to do so.
  • It has a private network to control data path management, which reduces the risk of network accidents.


We can not lose sight of the disadvantages of a SAN network which is :

  • A little expensive.
  • require further follow-up.
  • Difficult to apply and install compared to the NAS environment.



We have mentioned the difference between NAS and SAN, and it depends on the size of your own company and the number of customers you have, so most companies are not without one of these two technologies, so it is preferable to study and determine your budget before starting to develop your network project.


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