definition css meaning in computer

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css meaning in computer

It is an abbreviation of Cascading Style Sheets, , and it is a language for coordinating and beautifying web pages and places its full attention on design such as colors, buttons, fonts, and other design formats that this language contains.



CSS Features

And we will mention many advantages that css3 language includes in web pages, namely:

  • Simplify the page as much as possible and make design modifications to it by accessing the color card without cluttering other languages.
  • Make the page responsive for all screen sizes, from computer screens, consoles, and even smartphones.
  • Develop and configure several styles of web pages or themes, which allow users to change those colors according to their tastes.
  • Access to all the contents of the large pages in a few lines and modify them as desired.



   style changing;

And because this language is one of the languages ​​for developing web pages, its use is limited to:

  • <div , p , ….> tags.
  • Classes.
  • ID’s

When accessing these elements, the language activates the properties that are mentioned in the CSS3 writing space to be applied as soon as we connect to the HTML page.




Please, to understand CSS well, copy the following code into a text file and don’t forget to change its extension to .html and then run it in your browser.






<div>Hello World</div>





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