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c hello world

In c++ every time I come across and I still see that I won’t be good at it, I feel like the need to start over because, I don’t know, maybe I feel betrayed when I’m good at dealing with other programming languages ​​and I see functions and variables of C plus plus, and I miss being proficient Dealing with some matters within that mother tongue.


It was a harsh experience at the beginning in the field of software, and this journey came to me very late in technology, as I obtained a bachelor’s degree in a specialty that prompted me to escape from the Java language in my university studies, as that language was a major requirement in the field of computer information systems and completely ignored the specialization She majored in economics and automation.


The concept of programming did not reach me correctly in my school studies, as it consisted of classes and labs only once a week to apply the Visual Basic code.

It was boring lines that the professor did not explain to us, and it was an editor to form buttons and texts. The Basic program was running on Windows 98. When we were running the computer, we saw the beautiful blue page from Windows 98.

No one has explained any topic about programming languages ​​and where they are going in the world. On the other hand, America was working on preparing its students in school and university classes in the science of IT, which was produced within a few years by Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft, James Gosling, the creator of the Java language, and Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and Bjarne Stroustrup, founder of the C++ language, which we will talk about in this article.

I entered the major of economics, accounting and theories. There was no laboratory to examine my experience in this specialty. I remained confused and blamed myself a lot for changing my life path, until I graduated and was appointed to a company in the IT department.

After that, I realized the extent of my negligence against myself and the feelings of starting programming again, as the support companies came and provided the place in building new systems and building a new network, which prompted me to start from scratch.


The programming journey has been a nightmare, because I started late in this field, but I set my goals, set my educational plans, and promised myself to persevere.

Everyone gave tips that were valuable to me, but I kicked them aside because I know how to learn the basics before perfection, then I started learning C++ language, which I find so far the most powerful language ever. MONO in C Sharp and I do not want to know about the advantages of WordPress and PHP, these are the developments of the C++ language under other names. This is my topic for you only about C++ language.


Starting in c hello world

The beginning was really harsh. I did not know anything about programming at all. I did not know about Windows 98, which I used to see in my school, that it was built in that language. After that, I was amazed at that and started learning functions and loops, defining variables, copying code, and sometimes improvising in writing code.


This took me about a year and a half as a beginner who could only turn on the computer and browse on YouTube and that was a tragedy.

Mastering the basics

It was a really bitter experience starting in a difficult language to travel through to languages ​​of lesser quality and difficulty, but as I said earlier, the foundation is before perfection and that theory will help you in the entirety of your everyday life.

The basics were mastered, and I began to apply and create abstract Headers and call them on the Void Main page, and things started to become a little clearer and fruition began, and I thank God that my studies of this language were not in vain.


Work environment

Curiosity is always beautiful, and the most beautiful if someone has entered the IT field, my curiosity helped me to move from one work environment to another, and whoever bets on a better work environment than Visual Studio will lose the bet quickly, as it is the most beautiful code editor that you can deal with, and the easiest code editor It is also supported by an annual update from Microsoft, and you can own the free copy of it from Microsoft.

I switched between code editors using CMake and DEVc++ and I remember using the Php storm editor as well, but most of my focus was on the powerful Visual Studio editor because it is integrated with the Win32 environment.


Read graphics libraries

The reasons for using C++ language are still limited, as it is widely used in the lower layers of programs such as:

  • Operating systems kernel.
  • The games.
  • Platform development.
  • Support and support for new languages.


I only stayed in the field of graphics and graphics, this was my passion from that language, so I learned OpenGL graphics libraries, OpenGL SFML library, DirectX9,10,11.

I managed those libraries in the C++ language, and the results began to appear quickly after that, and I began to notice the remarkable and promised development of that language and its capabilities in computers. All my goals were to reach the interface through that language, and this was very difficult from the Visual Studio environment, but It was also possible too much, as Win32 features and functions stir the incredible hormones of happiness within you.



Apply and practice

When you implement graphics libraries and run them in a C++ environment, you will have a lot of information and you will master the art of rendering and you will master memory control well, then those were my goals.

I advise those who are about to learn the language to practice about 7 hours a day, as this will help you to be disciplined throughout your day.


Buying educational and building books

After that stage, I became passionate about applying graphics libraries well on Windows WIN32 and activating graphical interfaces by adding buttons, scrolling and lists, and that was my main task for about a year. The demand for C++ language in our Arab world.

What is astonishing is that the language goes with you wherever you go in other languages. Hardly a work environment is devoid of C++ language lines, and that is the truth.


Tips before you start

I will show you tips before starting any programming language

  • Reliance on open sources.
  • Applying and blogging.
  • Persevere and join with programmers in the same language, it helps you to continue.
  • Blind obedience to the code editor to avoid the emergence of low-risk problems, because this will lead to the creation of arrays or return functions with empty values, and you will find those problems after exporting your project.


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