Build Tools revision 25.0.2

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Build Tools revision

These problems occur when calling an old Android project to a new version in the Android studio environment, and Android projects at startup download the necessary building tools for the project and it may sometimes happen that the gradle is not successfully activated.



When you start looking for tools to complete the project in Android Studio, many problems appear:

  • Unable to get some old versions in outsource links , it’s became old and deprecated libraries.
  • Slowness in your network provider or pressure in your private network, which hinders the work of Android Studio.



To solve Build Tools revision as you see a problem like so:

  • Go to required Gradle page.
  • Find any new gradle version , we chosen 3.0.0 in our project.
  • We will change the version.
  • At the top of project you will find try again button , after click it the project importing would be succeeded exactly as previous picture.