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Best unity games

Do you want to make best unity games with unity engine and time still doesn’t come? , okay I will focus on best unity games as a technology before you get started.


Unity Engine is a powerful game engine that helps developers to create their game from scratch, has it become easier than you think now? Well, we will briefly and clearly about the capabilities of this mighty engine that has become used by most game developers. Here is the Unity engine for free in your hands to talk about its advantages and disadvantages in all transparency.


After this article, you will have a clear idea of ​​the ways and mechanism of building games, whether with the Unity engine or others.


Note: best unity games needs basic knowledge of programming languages ​​before starting to work with it. You can read the topic of Top 5 Programming Languages ​​before starting this article.


About Unity Engine

Of course, we cannot say much in this article about the role of game engines in developing the capabilities and architecture of desktop and mobile devices. This is a successful marketing method from giant companies. Either they stop supporting your hardware, or they try to tempt you to replace your phone or laptop with another modern device capable of running games. Unity engine or other engine games.


Unity Engine was developed by Unity Technologies in 2005 to be one of the most powerful open source commercial engines that with a little of your programming experience can make powerful and competitive games, and one of the reasons for building this engine is the failure of developers David Helgeson and Nicholas Francis to build their Gopal game correctly, which led them to Developing a powerful unified game engine capable of exporting to all platforms.


Unity engine was not so noticeably old as it had many software problems that were hindering developers from working in the building process due to its dependence on the MonoDevelop work environment, which was not stable at the time.

In addition to the presence of the JavaScript language within unity engine, and despite the advantages of the JavaScript language in direct access to and control of objects during runtime, it was not a stable language at that time, and this is the technology by nature whenever programmers like to deal with a language and are accustomed to it. Updates hinder the work of developers very clearly.

Despite the difficulty of building games in the nineties and the second millennium due to the need for machine language and assembly languages, the idea of ​​unity engine was a very successful idea at that time because it surprisingly shortened the time for programmers while calling cameras and others.


Building best unity games

In the past it was a working environment called OpenGL and DirectX and they are still used today inside the engines but we never notice that because the user interfaces have grown up and out of those annoying environments.

In the previous picture, we see a three-dimensional scene that was produced by the OpenGL library, which is a library rich in arithmetic functions like the DirectX library. Build a camera for you as a developer to see what will be displayed on the screen and then you will call the lights and illumination of the scene from that library.

After that, you will make textures and apply various theories such as liner, outline, Vsunc, terrain and other things in those libraries, then you will build and display the results on the computer screen.

If we look at it, we will find that it will take a good time despite its fun, but it will be very cumbersome and this is annoying to focus on productivity, so the unity engine was the best solution away from those labyrinths, as in a few minutes you will build the things mentioned previously easily and easily .


Unity Engine Advantages

We will focus on the advantages of the unity engine clearly, far from exaggerating its qualities. The unity engine, despite the exaggerated development and update by the parent company, has preserved its most important advantages, which we will mention in a few lines.

  • One of the most important advantages of the unity engine is that it contains easy-to-handle features. If we assume that you will invoke an object with its own function, let it be a car, for example, you will be able to control the functions of that car with direct access to those functions. This engine leaves you the freedom of choice without interfering with it in controlling the driving settings, for example, or speed maximum or other.
  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional support. Sometimes you want to design for a two-dimensional game, and other times you want to design in three-dimensionality and the functions are different between the two dimensions. The engine succeeded in stripping it of functions and functions.
  • It contains tidy and ready-made functions such as physics, collision and intersection functions, which saves a lot of time for developers.
  • Use a little bit of math and physics. Game engines offer great open source functions. Once you know a few laws of kinematic physics, you’ll determine the best functions for your current project.
  • The possibility of development within the engine, and this depends on your programming experience, the more tactics and customization you have in developing your favorite game.
  • Nice and comfortable working environment.
  • The ability to create animations, animations, and skeletons on your custom objects within the engine.
  • Create beautiful menus and canvases There is support and free and paid libraries dedicated to text and templates for beautiful interfaces.
  • Building your game world is very easy and the possibility of creating high-quality terrain with infinite functional software packages.
  • Supporting the Visual Studio environment during project implementation and game building, which makes you find your pleasure under Microsoft’s work environment.
  • Unity engine are the best choice to build best unity games.
  • Best unity games needs more efforts to build.


Unity engine support and development

Unity engine still occupies the forefront of support and export for all platforms. With a few simple changes, you change the input processes on your favorite game to structure the environment for the new build. For example, when supporting mobile devices, you make a transition from desktop support to iOS devices, for example, with a slight change in the input units Maintaining the basic logic of the game.

You can also convert and move from one platform to another smoothly and quickly.


Unity Engine Disadvantages

Of course, every software tool is not free of defects that sometimes hinder the programmer’s work during his work and increase the time of failures, so I will mention certain defects about the mechanism of work of this engine:

  • Unstable engine, there are a lot of errors during the implementation, which is sometimes exaggerated.
  • The references are attached from the outside after the JavaScript language was abandoned, which generates a feeling of exaggerated boredom when many references to the code.
  • Build and then build. When you build the project, you will uninstall some of the Assets and you don’t know what the reason is, and sometimes the engine asks you to make a backup for fear of errors.
  • Slow sometimes when rendering.
  • Obvious problems when activating the in-game ads system.



We can only say that unity engine has proven its worth in building games with excellent capabilities and competition for the most powerful games with a small number of programmers, unlike software codes that need qualified engineers to build huge games, and Unity engine is an open version from the parent company in exchange for a small commission of profits, So this engine deserves to be treated with pride.

In order to build best unity games, you need to complete all the basics of Unity engine, which will amaze you with the results.

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